Why People suffer alot ?


No matter who you are, no  matter what you have, no matter what you’ve achieved, you’ve hurt at some point in your life. Of the six universal emotions psychologists have identified – happiness, sadness, surprise, fear, disgust and anger— the majority indicate pain.

Most of us know that what our grandmothers said was true: “This too shall pass.” But it doesn’t always seem that way in the moment. When all those pain-induced hormones flood your body, pushing you into survivor mode, it can feel like some catastrophic turn of events has irreparably damaged your life—like your world has permanently fallen apart. If you don’t  get angry enough, you’ll be accepting that what happened was okay. If you don’t get better enough, you’re opening yourself up to more of that same disastrous hurt.

Right ?

No. It doesn’t work that way. No matter how justified we feel in our emotions, stewing in them is never the answer to making them go away.  Stressing by itself can’t create a solution—any solution, let alone a rational one. Anger doesn’t punish the people or circumstances that hurt us; it punishes us. And bitterness doesn’t protect us from pain down the line; if anything, it invites it.

Emotions are not resolutions—and yet we have to let ourselves feel them. Suppressing emotional pain more often than not just creates more of it. This is where it gets confusing: If we’re not supposed to resist our feelings, how do we know when to let them go ? How can we both allow ourselves to feel what we need to feel and be sure we don’t let the present moment pass us by ?



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